About Me

I am a software engineer with more than 20+ years of working in the software industry. During my career, I have worked in all aspects of software development. Still, my primary specialty is System Integration & Production Environments, hence my interest and passion for DevOps.

I have a BS in Computer Science and several AWS Certifications, including AWS Architecture, AWS Developer, AWS System Integration, and AWS DevOps Professional.

Back in 2017, I started putting together this class to teach myself DevOps and to create a proof of concept of the DevOps methodology, but I soon realized that most system integration and test engineers had the same issues that I had - a lack of "HOW" to implement the promising DevOps concepts. So, although my classes do cover the DevOps concepts and methodology, the primary purpose is to provide you with a "hands-on" approach to implementing your DevOps Infrastructure and Pipelines. 

My name is Norma Ochoa. Welcome to my DevOps School!