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- Successfully pass your DevOps interviews, even if you do not have an official DevOps certification

- Speak confidently about DevOps CICD Pipelines Implementation on AWS from your own personal experience implementing the pipelines in this course.

- Get promoted to DevOps leadership positions so that you can advance in your career

- Learn DevOps Fundamentals and Tools

- Setup your DevOps Pipelines from scratch. No Experience Required

- Build an End to End DevOps Pipeline in AWS

- Learn how to integrate DevOps Tools such as Jenkins, Git, GitHub, JUnit, Maven, Packer, Terraform, and JMeter on AWS

- Learn how to build a DevOps Pipeline that builds, packages and tests a spring boot application from scratch

- Understand highly complex CICD pipelines

- Use cutting-edge technologies in the IT Industry

- Present yourself with confidence in the project meetings and DevOps Jobs Interviews

- Learn how to build a complete and decouple DevOps Lifecycle

- Master your Build Automation skills

- This is a complete DevOps Course

Jenkins Pipelines

Course Highlights

You will be creating a Multi-Job, Multi Phase DevOps Pipeline from scratch in this course.

The class starts by building the DevOps infrastructure first. The infrastructure is composed of an Ubuntu WSL or your MacOS terminal, GitHub, Your AWS Account, and Jenkins. At the end of the class, you will have the complete DevOps infrastructure that builds the Spring Boot PetClinic Application, packages the jar in AWS AMI, and provisions your EC2 instance on your AWS Cloud using Terraform.

Your Jenkins Server on Your Own AWS Preview

(Click Video Below)

Jenkins Server Preview Video

This is what your Jenkins Server will look like at the end of this course in your own AWS Cloud account.

Includes All Of The DevOps Code

This DevOps online class comes with all of the code that you need to build the multi-job, multi-phase pipeline. It includes a Spring Boot PetClinic Application, the packaging job, the exploratory testing job, the API test job, and the Performance job. The Pipelines use terraform to provision the EC2 instance automatically on AWS. At the end of this course, you will have all of these jobs setup on your Jenkins Server in your own GitHub and AWS Accounts.

Class Includes:

Videos & Step-by-Step Instructions

This class is structure with Videos that shows you how to complete your DevOps Pipleines Jobs, followed by Step by Step Word Document tutorials that walks you through the process of building your DevOps Pipelines Jobs.

Why Should Take This Course?

DevOps career opportunities are thriving worldwide. The future is looking very bright for anyone involved in the DevOps industry. According to research undertaken by Global Market Insights, the future of the industry shows encouraging numbers. In 2019, for example, the size of the DevOps market exceeded $4 billion and is projected to grow over 20% between 2020 and 2026.

DevOps Engineer Statistics

DevOps has blossomed in many organizations, which has led to a bidding war for top DevOps talent. Here are some stats that help tell the story of the DevOps jobs boom.

DevOps Engineers are paid an average annual salary of $103,571.

The top 10% of highest-paid DevOps Engineers earn as much as $134,000 or more.

Many DevOps positions are fully remote

DevOps CI/CD Curriculum

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Instructor Experience

1300+ Number of students taught using this course

5+ Years Teaching at Private Technical Companies and at the UCSD University

20+ Years of working in the Software Industry

DevOps Pipelines From Students That Completed This Course

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